Európai Strukturális és Beruházási Alap: befektetés a jövőbe

Name of Beneficiary Derecskei Kertbarátok Hagyományőrző Egyesülete (Seat: 4130 Derecske Rózsakert kert 3.)

Name of Project: Development of the tourism potential of existing natural features in Derecske.

Amount of Grant: HUF 267,953,845.

Proportion of Support (%): 99,24%.

Description of the Project:

The project “Development of the tourism potential of existing natural features in Derecske” provides an opportunity to present traditional and modern farming practices and gardening culture based on local features through programmes that involve interactive game elements in order to make the town and the area more attractive. The project has been designed so that it can be linked to other ecotourism programmes in the area. The purpose of the project is to create a facility complex where visitors can spend quality time, enjoying a broad range of programmes and services. The project includes the reconstruction of existing buildings that will accommodate programmes and provide hospitality services. Last year the exclusive Almavirág Restaurant and Conference Centre was completed adjacent to the development area. We and Almavirág Restaurant are both willing to make sure that the planned tourism services will connect to each other in a logical fashion in terms of business and operation. Quality development mainly includes the improvement of the existing equipment and the built environment. The target group defined will be complemented with gastro and business tourists visiting our region. The project will result in new jobs and will encourage tourists to spend longer periods in the area, which may boost the business of local accommodation service providers and restaurants.

The project “Development of tourism potential of existing natural features in Derecske” will result in a new tourist attraction, but will also create and involve features that will belong to the regional offer, thus increasing the time tourists spend in the area. For leisure tourists, the Derecske Orchard will serve as a unique point of arrival. The Orchard, which is an outstanding place both in terms of location and programme offer, is located at the 18 km section of Road 47. After the completion of the project, the site at the gate of the Orchard may function as a rest area and as a station of the garden tour. The experience-based exploration of the orchard as a programme option will enhance the appeal of the area and provide an opportunity to establish and maintain contact with visitors.

Content of the Project:

– Csapatház (075/1 B épület): meglévő épület átalakítása: Az épület 2 db egyenként 40 fő befogadására alkalmas vetítő- és foglalkoztató teremmel fog rendelkezni és 1 db 80 fős bemutató teremmel fog rendelkezni. Az épület regionális turisztikai pontként fog üzemelni, információs pontként fog feladatokat ellátni. Az épületben helyt kap egy bemutató terem, mely bemutató kézműves programok megvalósítására alkalmas, a térségben előállított kézműves termékek előállításának demonstrációját tervezzük ide ékek, asztalok és a vetítő projektoron kívül még további 2-2 db mobil interaktív projektor lesz elhelyezve. A megvalósuló attrakció az alábbi programcsomagokat kínálja a látogatók számára az év minimum 270 napján, melyeknek a beltéri megvalósítása ebben az épületben lesz.

I. “Tales of the Garden”

II. Garden educational programme

III. Demonstration of traditional home gardening

IV. Community gardening training series

V. Orchard adventures

VI. Community Gardeners’ Festival

VII. Gardening Tradition Preservation Day in Derecske

– Science playground (Building 075/1 C): The reconstructed building will accommodate an interactive science playground, an office, a storage room, and a 35 sqm reception room. The works will include the establishment of the reception room, a demonstration room where the farmers’ produce will be displayed, the information point, and the service and rest rooms.

Total net floor area: 237.83 sqm.

The objective is to establish the necessary background for high-quality reception. The building will combine traditional games with interactive elements so that they complement each other. – Establishing green areas: A nice and clean environment is absolutely necessary to make the facility attractive and popular. – Establishing parking places, construction of road surface: We will establish parking places and connecting internal roads to ensure high-quality reception and easy access to the programme locations.

Target groups:

1. Organised children’s groups. “Apple adventures and experiential education in the apple orchard.” This target group includes groups coming from primary schools and nursery schools. The groups arriving from around the country will start the programme series at the team house. After watching educational movies, they get on the road train that will take them to the modern, 150 ha orchard. Along the route, stations will be set up where the children will have to complete various tasks, which will involve the use of experiential educational tools.

2. Orchard adventures – Parents and kids play together in the Derecske Orchard. Like in the case of children’s programmes, families arriving for family programmes, which are usually scheduled for weekends, get together in the workshop room of the Team House. After watching movies, they engage in various interactive physical and digital games. The will take their results with them to the orchard, where they will have to complete various educational tasks. They will also taste apples and deal with tasks that involve moderate physical activities. Here the aim is to encourage participants to eat more fruit.

3. “Have an apple tree in the Derecske Smart Orchard that will yield only for you!” – Team games in the orchard of the future. The programmes will be announced for companies looking for a venue for their team buildings or family days. The contest will include digital and other skill elements, and will be managed through gamification applications like ActionBound, tailor-made to our needs. Teams may compete, for example, for “an apple tree that yields only for you”, or for the most beautiful nest box. The tasks will require cooperation for example in order to grow an apple tree that yields high-quality fruit. The contest will include further activities that will require participants to return to the Orchard several times a year.

4. Themed orchard walks with apple tasting for tourists (gastro adventure in the restaurant, tasting various products made from apple). The program will be similar to those organised in wine tourism, and will be based on agreements made with hotels operating in the area and on targeted marketing activities. We are willing to display and explain everything in connection with apples (e.g. our geographical features, production culture, cultivars and flavours, processing, apple juice, spirit, apple wine and cider). A tasting room and a processing facility open for visitors will be established using our own funds. These facilities may be utilised for the purposes of other programmes as well.

5. Guests of the Almavirág Restaurant and Conference Centre; The list of our target groups defined in the project includes an already existing segment of guests of the restaurant and conference centre: They are guests aged 19–49, who are open to a healthy lifestyle and a sustainable way of thinking. The Almavirág Restaurant and Conference Centre may host gastro events and other programmes with up to 400 participants.

Planned completion of the project: 31 Aug 2020

ID number of the project: TOP-1.2.1-15-HB1-2016-00007

Execution of the project in pictures: