Gastro Walks - From the Orchard to the Plate

Apple-themed programmes from the orchard to the plate. One guide, one group, and many delicacies made from apple, in the shadow of apple trees.

Games in the Apple Garden

Digital and experiential games for kids and families.

Unforgettable memories for the whole family.

Wine Tasting – Our Finest Wines

Regardless of whether you are an enthusiastic consumer or a seasoned wine-lover, you will certainly enjoy our upbeat wine-tasting events, where you can taste the finest products of our members and participate in a culinary adventure.

The DKH Association

Our association was established in 2003 for the purpose of making our experiential centre a gastro and experiential tourist attraction that is well-known around the country and plays a major role in the region. The centre has been developed by the Tradition Preservation Association of Garden Lovers of Derecske (DKH) and its partners.


Our concept is based on and revolves around the Derecske apple, which we would like to present through educational and experiential programmes that cover the whole "journey from the seed to the tree, the flower, and the fruit itself, and to products like apple juice and dishes containing apple”.


The main goals of DKH:
To produce grape, onion, millet, hemp, safron and vegetables in garden plots,
To produce dry , white champagne,
To protect garden plots,
To protect the natural environment,
To explore and promote environmentally conscious consumer behaviours and habits,
To support high-level school education in environmental consciousness.


Through years of continuous and conscious development, we are willing to make the cluster of our partners - including the Derecskei Gyümölcsöskert (Derecskei Okoskert and the Farm of Uncle Gabi), the adjacent Almavirág Restaurant, which was built during the same period, and the planned Almavirág Conference and Event Centre - a well-known gastro and experiential tourism centre in Eastern Hungary.

The purpose of the gastro and experiential tourism centre, to be established in the 100 ha apple orchard, is to present apple production and processing to tens of thousands of visitors every year through orchard-related and leisure tourism programmes. Our goal is to introduce a future-conscious approach and highlight the necessity of sustainable production to visitors.

With regard to orchard cultivation, we also aim to promote the protection of the environment, to restore environmental balance and biodiversity, to disseminate information, explore and promote environmentally conscious consumer behaviours and habits, and to facilitate and support high-level school education in environmentally conscious thinking.




Székhely: 4272 Sáránd 052/15/A

Élménykert: 4130 Derecske, Rózsakert kert 3


+36 30 269 1877